Eli Mosley | A New Direction for Identity Evropa

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • 1:05 How Eli found the Alt Right
  • 4:36 Which writers and thinkers influenced Eli
  • 7:20 How Eli learned to talk to the media
  • 11:23 Eli’s experience at Trump’s inauguration
  • 14:51 The dehumanization of Trump supporters by the left
  • 16:31 How Eli moved up in the ranks of the Alt Right
  • 20:18 What is Identity Europa about?
  • 26:40 What qualities does Identity Europa look for?
  • 33:48 What is Project Siege?
  • 37:25 What type of activism will we see in the future?
  • 42:18 Thoughts on physical activism and the risks involved
  • 43:58 Eli’s experience at the University of Florida event
  • 50:30 The reality of identity politics
  • 52:46 Moving from meta-politics to politics


  • “We can use the media for our means. They’re gonna try to make me look like an evil scary person. This is not something we should be surprised about. But if we’re looking at pieces like what Showtime did with Nathan (Damigo), that was a good propaganda film. That made us look descent.”
  • “Our way of thinking was fake it til’ you make it. Him and I (a friend) were going to poster thirteen schools in one weekend and people are going to think we (Identity Europa) have hundreds of members. We’re gonna go drop a banner somewhere and it’s going to make it look like we have way more than we do. And it was a way of growing the Pennsylvania area.”
  • “I’d like to take direct pages out of the leftist playbooks as far as activism goes and as far as civil disobedience goes. I’d like to do things like block the entrance to Twitter’s headquarters and sit down and make them physically remove us. I would like to go and do sit ins at business or in classes where professors are specifically anti-white. We haven’t tried these tactics yet.”

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