About Bre Faucheux

When I started my YouTube journey, I was nothing more than an aspiring author. I saw young men and (mostly) women making videos about books. I thought to myself, what a lovely idea. I can promote my own books and also spread my love for reading.

Until one day in May 2016, I made a video where I mentioned I was a feminist. People in the comments section asked me if I was an SJW (social justice warrior). I thought to myself, what’s an SJW? I looked it up. That was the beginning of my red pilling.

I came to realize through the dedicated works of many alternative media resources online that I had been thoroughly indoctrinated into leftist ideology from a very young age. Everything I thought I knew about history was a lie. Everything I thought I knew about race was a lie. Everything I thought I knew about feminism was a lie. Everything I thought I knew about equality was a lie. Everything I knew about the (((mainstream media))) and who really controls western countries was a lie.

I came to realize that the words “diversity” and “equality” meant one thing and one thing only. An excuse for dispossessing the white race of their history, heritage, culture, and countries. I saw many in the publishing industry engaging in this very anti-white rhetoric. I made an impassioned video about it called “The Problem with Diversity in Books | Rant”. The publishing industry, book bloggers, and the whole of the YA book world came after me with pitch forks. They tried to shame me by calling me a racist. They tried to silence me and make me feel isolated.

They failed. In reality, they only made me double down in my beliefs and ask more questions.

As disappointing as it was to discover that the entire publishing industry has been completely converged by SJW liberals who police diversity thought criminals at the expense of many author’s careers, I was emboldened by their outright anti-white behavior and lack of historical knowledge. I knew exactly why they came after me because after all, I was raised quite liberal. But the difference was, when I heard knowledge that contradicted my own, I listened. I learned. I expanded my mind. I was surrounded by people who thought along the lines of a left wing echo chamber. And I dared to speak out against their completely illogical conclusions about the world.

I decided to start making videos pertaining to being an identitarian. And those involved in identitarian movements designed to save the western world from moral and cultural decay.

As cultural Marxists (aka: liberals) do everything they can to bring about the fall of western civilization in the name of “progress”, I will continue fighting to keep them at bay. And my way of doing this is by writing, blogging, making political commentary on YouTube, and by creating this podcast. I’ve already been told that I’ve managed to red pill many people on these issues and brought more awareness as globalists do their best to turn the West into a third world socialist hell hole. I will continue to fight against them for as long as I’m able.



The name 27Crows Radio came to me one day while reading a book. I’ve often been fascinated by pagan legends and myths. While reading about the Irish goddess the Morrigan, I connected with the imagery of her being the goddess of war because we are in fact in the middle of a culture war. The Irish and Scottish recognized twenty-seven various crow calls that were said to predict everything from good fortune, to war, to the coming of death. Therefore, 27Crows.

The Morrigan was also a goddess of sovereignty.  And I’m determined to do my small part in raising awareness and eventually bring back sovereignty to the West.